As of July 24th Member Guests are allowed - Maximum 2 people / member

As of June 5th Regular Hours resume

As of June 8th - open to Associate Members


A note from the Owner of Target Sports Canada

Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you and your families fit and healthy. With the weather finally warming up and the government lifting some of the restrictions, we finally have some good news!


As of FRIDAY May 22nd, we will re-open the ranges for FULL MEMBERS only.Please, no guests yet. We still have to exercise physical distancing, so only every second lane will be open. (50% capacity rules).If you have a "family add-on", they may also attend with you. However, NO guests. We cannot make any exceptions to this.

Once we feel we have a handle on the new processes and how many people are coming to the facility on a daily basis we will open up to Associate Members.

We cannot commit to the next level of opening until we get more direction.

Please keep in mind;

1)      We will not have Range Officers available for you.

2)      All dates are subject to change.


During these past few months, we have had some reductions in our staffing, for a number of reasons; many very personal to the individuals concerned. Please be gentle while we gear up.

Friday May 22nd until Thursday, June 4th, we will be open 10am until 6pm daily.

Friday June 5th and onward, we anticipate going back to our regular hours of:

Monday to Friday 10am to 9pm

Saturday 9am to 9pm

Sunday 9am to 6pm


I can completely understand that membership expiries need to be addressed as everyone has lost a little less than 2 months of facility use. We want happy members, so we are going to address this by adjusting our fees for the entire next year!

In order to expedite the process and avoid having to come into the store; if your membership expired while we were closed or coming up soon you can fill out the attached form RANGE RENEWAL and return it to admin@targetsportscanada.com. Once we receive it, we will contact you for payment.

If you are renewing your full membership

From May 22nd 2020 until May 22nd 2021, the renewal rate will be reduced accordingly.

Full Membership renewal rate $460 (instead of the $550)

Professional rate $375 (instead of $450)


We will be reducing the renewal rate for this to $240 (instead of the $280)


Due to the already discounted rate and some Associate Memberships are used as a method of being in "compliance" with the CFO in order to buy a restricted firearm or renew a RPAL. Range use discounts are secondary. With that in mind, no extensions or reductions for Associate Memberships will be offered.


We hate to see you go, but everyone has different circumstances and we understand. To ensure you get the full "bang for your buck"; when your membership comes due, we will exchange your access and membership card with a card giving you 2 months of range use access. You will have to check in with the counter each visit, but you will still have all of the full privileges of membership. You must do this exchange before your membership expires as this extension is added to your current expiry date (or from May 22nd, 2020; whichever is applicable).


We have not just been sitting on our hands during this down time.

Julie and her team have been very busy and super productive! Some of the key improvements:

1)      We did a major upgrade to the HVAC in the pistol bays including new ductwork and air balancing

2)      We installed new flooring in all of the common areas

3)      We installed new lighting in the bays.

Of course, we also cleaned and painted just about every surface.


To be honest, it's been a tough couple of months, but we've managed a lot better than others and for that I am feeling truly blessed.

Please, come in and check out your club. We are pretty proud of how your club is looking these days!

I'll be writing a separate message to discuss the recent gun ban and rule changes, but thought it would be better to separate the messages so the information does not get lost.

As always, if you would like to discuss anything in regards to your club; please feel free to contact me at your convenience: jr@theedgegroup.ca

We're excited to show off the new look... come on in, but wash your grubby hands!

Respectfully yours,

JR Cox


COVID Free since 2020

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