Classrooms / Meeting Places

We now can offer you the client, two clean modern multi-purpose classroom to use either in conjunction with a shooting activity or separately.

Classroom A:  This room is approx 550 sq feet and can easily accommodate a group in a classroom setting of up to 25 people.  It has a lot of natural light and can be run independently from the rest of the building.

Classroom B: This classroom is located directly beside one of the shooting bays so it is perfect as a meeting or activity room in conjunction with an outing or a combined event. It can sit 18 comfortably in a classroom environment, but many more in a more casual layout.

Lounge:  Our leather sofas are a comfortable place to relax between shoots or while waiting for your friends to finish. In this area you will also find additional rounds tables for group meetings, vending machines, microwave and a filtered water station.

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